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Starting this Wednesday we will be offering customers a way to save money on all used items as well as select new items. Here is how it will work:

- Membership Price : $15 for one year. I know that no one likes to hear that they have to pay in but this is what you will get. You will receive a laminated membership card with your name, membership number and date on it. Just present it when you come in and we will apply the discount you earned. Don’t worry though, if you forget your card, just give us your name or membership number and we will look you up.

- 10% off all used items, records, CD’s & Cassettes all the time. Plus when we have our sales, we will allow you to take that 10% on to whatever discount we are offering!

- Member Pricing on certain albums lots we get it. EXAMPLE: if the MSRP of Pearl Jam - Ten is $24.99, non members will pay that amount while members only pay $20.95.

So with the membership you will constantly save money and for some of you that frequent the store, you will get you $15 membership money back in no time and will start saving some real money!

This card can only be used by the member assigned to it and by no one else and will expire 1 year from the date it is assigned.

That’s it. Come in and see us if you have questions or just simple with to sign up.

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